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S&C Coach

As a pro basketball player, Milos specialized in strength and conditioning training for basketball, football and rugby players. He's also worked with numerous MMA fighters, soccer, handball, waterpolo and tennis players, waterski athletes and swimmers as well as some powerlifters and weightlifters.


His education and experience with athletes from international level to recreational people as well as unique training approach separates him from all of the other coaches.

He is the creator of the "Foundations of Functional Training" and "IWMW Assessment" courses.

Professional Credentials:

- Certified Personal Trainer through Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Belgrade

- Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist through American Council on Exercise (ACE-CES)

- Certified Functional Movement Screen Professional (FMS L1) 

- Certified Sports Nutritionist through ISSA 

- USAW Programming

- ALTIS Need for Speed

- EXOS Absolute Speed

- EXOS Energy Systems Development

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S&C Coach
Personal Trainer

Amela is a Professor of Sport and Physical Education, specialized in soccer player's strength and conditioning.

She's worked as a Strength and Conditioning and Head Coach for women's soccer team FK "Sarajevo" as well as individually with dozens of soccer players and recreational people and all of her athletes have expeienced a great level of success.

Professional Credentials:

- BSc Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Sarajevo

- UEFA Licensed Football Coach

- Sarajevo Training Convention 2018

- BTC Health & Fitness Summit 2019

- Sports Medicine course 2019