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We've helped over one hundred of athletes of all levels, from youth to elite, reach their athletic goals, get stronger, faster, build muscle, lose body fat and stay healthy with our online coaching system.

Online coaching is premium service, created for the athletes and recreational people who demand the absolute best from themselves and their training. Based on your current state and level, goals, period, injury history and other factors, we'll provide you with the service tailor made for YOU to make sure you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Individualized approach is the key to optimizing your athletic performance and health.

Real World Tested and
Proven System

We've worked with teams and athletes from youth to elite level in wide range of sports as well as recreational people. We know human athletic performance and we know how to improve it.

What you get as an online client

- Assessment and reassessments

- Personalized strength and conditioning program based on you and your goals

- Personalized injury rehab/prehab program

- Progress tracking

- 24/7 coach access for support, updates and consultations

- Access to all of our Ebooks

- Weekly live group Q&A with our coaches and other athletes


I've known Milos for a long time and I know his journey. He's always been persistent and dedicated athlete, so I decided to hire him as a Strength and Conditioning Trainer last summer. I loved his exercises and the way he explains every detail. We worked both in the gym and outside. I saw improvement in just 7 days. After I moved to another city, I continued with Explosive Athlete training program and I love it.

Luka Calovic
Pro Basketball Player


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